Complete Curb Appeal Revamp

 This particular property boasted a gorgeous fieldstone foundation and beautiful yellow brickwork with contrasting orange brick patterns throughout.  However, the curb appeal of the property was hampered by the overgrown giant green hostas and bushes that had suffered damage over the years.  The home owners wanted to completely change the way their home looked from the street.  We accomplished this by removing all of the existing plant material and widening and changing the shape of the gardens.  We added a variety of new plant material which included peach flambe coral bells, avalanche feather reed grass,  yellow ribbon cedar and gracillimus maiden grass on the sunnier side of the property.  We added a variety of tall ferns, ligularia, and hakone grass in the shady area.  The result will add great colour and texture to the property throughout the seasons and add winter interest as well.  We are very excited to see the growth over the next few years as the plants age they will provide a beautiful new look for this charming brick home.